22nd Annual

The Heritage Dance Association

The Heritage Dance Association is a non-profit Pennsylvania corporation devoted to preserving and teaching people about the traditional dances and related music that constitute their common dance heritage. The Association is a Center of the Country Dance and Song Society of America.

  Members receive reduced admission to the annual festival and to other events sponsored by the Association throughout the year. Membership includes periodic news and information mailings.

  Annual dues are $5.00 for an individual and $8.00 for an entire household. The membership year runs to the December 31 occurring at least six months after you join. (In other words, if you join before or during the festival, your membership is good until December 31, 2005.)

  Memberships are available by mail or at the festival. But why wait? You'll save even more money by joining the Association and registering for the festival in advance.

  To join by mail, please send a check made payable to the Heritage Dance association, along with your name, address including zip code, telephone number(s), and the names of all people joining (if a household membership) to:

The Heritage Dance Association
PO Box 42415
Philadelphia, PA 19101-2415


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